“Becoming a caretaker is a daunting, exhausting responsibility. Usually it is an ” on the job” learning experience. Mary’s wealth of knowledge has been invaluable to me. In addition, I found her illustrations of how to physically work with the “patient” to be very helpful. Her information about “working the system” is brilliant. As a caretaker, knowing the quickest, most efficient way through the confusing maze of regulations and information is of the utmost importance.”   – Judy Cohen, long time caretaker


“What is different is the regular contact and partnership to make the goal happen. Mary has committed to my goal and is a ‘can do’ person. I feel my success is also her success. I feel increasingly empowered to make change really happen as I continue to see results from the actions taken together to make my vision a reality.” — Chris, RN


“Finding a balance between a busy professional life, an ailing mother, and caring for my children and husband has always been a struggle for me. I’ve never been very good at taking care of myself. Even though I know what I need to do; I just don’t seem to be able to do it. Working with Mary has truly made a difference for me. She has helped me understand what’s getting in my way. Just as importantly, Mary has helped identify approaches that finally work for me, allowing me to see a few quick successes. Together we have set short and long-term goals that range from the easily obtainable to the far-reaching and challenging. She has a wonderful way of always remaining warm and caring, while keeping me focused and on task. Her support and expertise have truly helped make the changes I know are necessary to improve the quality of my day to day life, feel like a reality.” — Jackie, director


“Mary gently and skillfully led our group of women who were caring for loved ones with needs of aging or diasbilities. She allowed our discussions to be free form, taking paths the participants seem to need at that time. On occasions when issues expanded to dynamics beyond the intended scope, Mary was able to recommend additional resources for support and understanding.

Mary was instrumental in creating a series of presenters to inform church members about the key areas of aging. Learning about the gift of palliative care was especially helpful.

Mary, I am so very grateful for your guidance and support.” Deborah,support group participant