Episode 7: Caregiving Over A Lifetime

Caregiving can take many forms. In today's interview we talk to a mom who has been the primary caregiver for her severely disabled daughter since she was three months old and then took on the responsibility of caring for her aging mother when she was no longer able to live…

Episode 4: Caregiving in a Challenging Relationship

Lori was the primary caregiver for her elderly mother until two months ago when her mother passed away.  Theirs had always been a difficult relationship for Lori, but the act of caregiving enabled her to see her mom - and herself in a new light.

Episode 3: Don’t Stop Moving

Steve Lopes is a personal trainer who specializes in working with older adults. He offers a number of ways to make 'exercising' easier and stresses the importance of keeping your body moving - no matter your age or physical condition.