New Caregiver Orientation

‘Preparing for Caring’

Orientation for the new caregiver

Learning the landscape of caregiving is a major step for the health of the caregiver. When you know what to ask, whom to ask, and why to ask you will have learned the basics of your new job. I suggest an initial meeting of 1 – 1/12 hours that includes basic information related to healthcare, insurance, advance directives, housing, types of in-home care, long-term care planning, and dementia. This information is tailored to the immediate needs of your family.

Subsequent sessions at the request of the caregiver or family might include:

  • Family dynamics and communication
  • Convening family meetings
  • Changes in level of care
  • Caregiver burden relief strategies
  • Considerations around palliative/hospice care

My objective is to empower the caregiver and family with information, resources, strategies, and emotional support.   I encourage anyone who is new to caregiving to consider a caregiver orientation session. Follow-up meetings are optional and determined by the needs of the caregiver and/or family.