Caring Well: A Planning Workbook for Caregivers introduces readers to the landscape of caregiving from a wellness perspective.  It includes the importance of honest and early family conversations, essential planning, maintaining physical, social and emotional wellness for both care partners, advocacy during hospitalizations, and transitions in the journey of caregiving. Worksheets included throughout the workbook enable family members to practice challenging communication skills, consider financial resources, assess physical and emotional wellness, review life history and current preferences of the care receiver and plan thoughtful transitions.
Mary believes the caregiving journey is one best taken with preparation, openness, a healthy dose of selfishness and a reliable sense of humor.


Here’s what readers had to say:
“Mary brilliantly captured practical ideas to make the caregiving journey easier. I love how the book flows as one story or each chapter can stand alone. When reading the book you know that she has been on this journey too. All caregivers should get this book and keep it available.”
 – Ann Marie Cook, President/CEO Lifespan of Great Rochester

“(This book is) such an inclusive summary of everything one needs to know about living well, with emphasis on helping to care for loved ones.  Most impressive is your use of ‘practical’ lists and questionnaires for readers to employ as their needs require.  Also, your personal examples add authenticity. I love the scenarios you share. They make readers understand that you truly understand!  More people need to know about this book!”   – Pat Deweese, Former Caregiver


“I just finished reading Caring Well and am so grateful that it fell into my lap! In this household conversations around illness, death, caregiving, etc. are very difficult to even approach, but I think that with your personal, objective and practical words in front of us my husband and I will be able to work together successfully and set up a plan. Our older son will be visiting in February, just a perfect time to sit him down to discuss these matters. That wouldn’t have happened without your book. So, thank you for sharing your personal experiences and your wisdom.

Thought I’d share a few thoughts with you. The format of the book works well for me with each chapter being a lesson in itself. This is such a practical workbook, with your wit and heart coming through beautifully. The scope of the book is impressive, Mary. I wish I had had access to something like this when I was caring for my sister, but I have it now and am grateful.”   – Susan G, Caregiver


“Mary, I just finished reading your wonderful book, and it’s amazing! Yours is a true resource for those who need not only positive motivation but solid information to become better informed on the caregiving path. I also loved your caregiving ‘partners’ concept! That is such a great way to set up the relationship right upfront… it helps to bridge the fact that both caregiver and loved one need to make sure they are both taken care of. Mary, you are a wealth of information, experience and empathy.  PS… 5 Stars!” – Charlie D, Caregiver

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