RBJ Feature: Caregiving With Heart

Mary Berk lends expertise to those who watch over loved ones By GINO FANELLI, July 6 2018 Life has few experiences more daunting than watching a loved one slip into the throes of dementia, or become immobile after an accident. Caregivers must be there to oversee the minutiae of that person’s daily life. It’s a thankless and emotionally challenging role. Mary Berk wants to guide you through it… Read Full RBJ Feature Here – Mary

Mothers, Daughters, and Aging (My Mother: A Clear and Present Danger)

Not all of us were blessed with great mothers! Few are June Cleaver and few are Joan Crawford, so most fall somewhere in between. My friends, Jane and Meg, both had mothers who, in my opinion, would have failed the short list for mother of the year. Meg’s mother was ambitious, focused on appearance, and highly critical of her daughter. I know this because I watched it. I never met Jane’s mother, but by Jane’s

Family Dynamics and Caregiving

‘ My Sister is a Princess, My Brother is an Ostrich, My Parents Think Like Peter Pan? What Family Conversation?’   Dear Rooney and Bear: ‘I can’t seem to convince anyone in my family that planning is important. My parents are getting older and last month my Dad was in the hospital for almost a week. My sister says she’s really too busy with her own life to worry about theirs. My brother refuses to

Improvisation for Caregivers

Acting out a scene without preparation while making the other guy look good Consider the changing dynamics when a family member becomes the caregiver for another adult family member. A previously competent, independent, possibly very successful adult is no longer totally in charge of his/her life. If that person has mild cognitive impairment or more advanced dementia his autonomy is diminished to an even greater extent. You can’t change what may be happening to your

Wellness in Caregiving

My Mission: The mission of my blog is to begin the conversation about what keeps you engaged, purposeful, and attentive to your own needs while you are caring for the needs of another adult. Your caregiving experience may be a physical and emotional sprint or a marathon. Either way it is a major change in your life and I want to share my belief that caregiving is not an interruption of your life, but rather